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Took a couple months off to move and get most things in my life back and situated near where they should be. 2nd baby boy will be here before the next episode of SEA MONSTER RADIO is here. BIG CHANGES! Episode 17 is the Invisible summer. the one that tries to be a happy jam but keeps getting brought back to life with slower/moodier tracks.


The first song in this episode is by SPEKULATION and it's called DEATH OF A KINGPIN. His record is made up of 70's/60's film score beats for the delight of rappers. You can put on this CD and freestyle over the whole thing. Pretty Dope!

you can check out SPEKULATION here


the SOMMERVILLE SYMPHONY ORKESTAR is from near BOSTON, MASS. they play energized Balkan gypsy horn driven party music. they came out to the SEA MONSTER on their tour and everyone had a great time.

the CD is great, but doesn't do the live show justice.

ERIC PATTERSON original jazz/funk compositions

ERIC PATTERSON is a sax man who is newish to the Seattle scene. His blend of jazz/funk original compositions make him an instant perfect fit for the SEA MONSTER fans.

He always brings stellar musicians to perform with him.

NYC SONGWRITER/SINGER SARAH JORDAN on the phone with someone funny

SARAH JORDAN came to the SEA MONSTER on tour from NYC. She is a very talented keyboard/piano player and she has a pedal that creates nice vocal harmonies. Her CD is great and captures her songs where they can slowly seep into your soul.

DELTAPHONIC live bluesy music from the bayou's of LOUISIANA

DELTAPHONIC came up to the SEA MONSTER LOUNGE from LOUISIANA and performed for a SATURDAY NIGHT crowd in JULY.

They have a sound similar to the BLACK KEYS but a bit more swampy and rock edged.

THADDEUS TURNER band leader for THADDILLAC and legendary Seattle guitarist/singer/songwriter

The funkiest man in Seattle? Maybe. He is legendary Seattle funk/soul singer/songwriter/producer THADDEUS "THADDILLAC" TURNER. He has probably graced every single stage in Seattle with his guitar in hand. He has toured the world many times with different bands, but he is our gem.

check him out

that's ME! my head gets cold. Bald guy problems. I have a bank of awesome original soul/funk songs and I'm about to EXPLODE! ANDREW SEA MONSTER

ANDREW SEA MONSTER. MR. SEA MONSTER. (i'm a dad now) I've been trapped under the rock and I'm about to push that rock off my back and get to showcasing this original soul and funk music!!

this track features WOOGIE D on drums, JOE DORIA on organ, and JIMMY JAMES on guitar!


These recordings I have from way way back in the day are super funky lo-fi sounding gems. check this one out from a band that never got to put out a CD, STANKEVICIUS. led by drummer FAITH STANKEVICH and including many MARMALADE members, these guys would improvise their way through nights like butter.

check out FAITH!

MIKE DAY, producer of the hip hop duo SLEEPWALKERS featuring PHREEWILL and OPEN HANDS

THE SLEEPWALKERS are a hip-hop project that my cousin MIKE DAY did the musical production for. Their demo was made about a decade ago and it was awesome!! guess what? nothing ever happened. it just sat there.

I just mentioned to Mike how awesome it was and he said he and PHREEWILL are talking about dusting off those tracks!!

champions of original reggae from the NW the WET CITY ROCKERS

THE WET CITY ROCKERS have been around for a decade at least. they have put out great original material, culminating with their last release CONFECTIONS which had several top notch tracks. Featuring the lead vocals and guitar of MICAH AVERIETT, these guys are not done

I think they're about to go BIG!

Seattle guitar monster TIM YOUNG

this guy is a monster on the guitar. He also produces and writes music and performs on the LATE LATE SHOW w/ JAMES CORDEN. He is TIM YOUNG. He left us a while back to go to LOS ANGELES and get that rock star life. Good for him! Before he left, he recorded a couple CD's with his wife ERIN as THE YOUNG'S. They feature ERIN on drums and vocals and TIM on everything else. AWESOME rocking music. check this one out!!

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