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HAPPY MAY! To celebrate spring this episode is full of love that hopefully inspires you to greatness. SEA MONSTER RADIO is the all-local Seattle radio show with an emphasis on the soul, funk, and jazz music is hosted by owner ANDREW SEA MONSTER. FEATURING contributions from ELDRIDGE GRAVY & THE COURT SUPREME, THE THEORETICS, GRAVITY, THE TOGETHER COLLECTIVE, THE REZ TRIO, EVO, BLU SIRKUT, CRISTINA ORBE, CON BRIO, DUB CHAMPIONS, HAIKU-CHI, and more!

You can listen to this show being broadcast on these fine NorthWest radio stations:

KBFG 107.3FM NW Seattle at


SPACE 101.1FM ne Seattle  at


SHAWN SMITH legendary Seattle singer/songwriter

Episode #15 starts with a song by our friend SHAWN SMITH who recently left us. It's a song called BACK INTO ME off the album THE DIAMOND HAND which reached out to me amongst his many popular songs. He will forever be with us in our loving memories. #SHAWNSMITHFOREVER

CON BRIO S.F. Bay Area soul/funk band

CON BRIO is a Bay Area band that has been around for about a decade. They came through on tour a few times many years ago with a female lead singer although they now have a male lead singer and new material to boot. This is a song off of their album FROM THE HIP called BLACK HOLE BLUES

CRISTINA ORBE soulful Seattle singer/songwriter

CRISTINA ORBE was one of the first stars that came through the door of the SEA MONSTER LOUNGE. She would become the beacon through which our OPEN MIC night blossomed so long ago. Many other talented artists came through the door because of their contact with CRISTINA. I used to sing back up for her too! her LOVE SONG off of the album SWAY is included in this episode.


THE TOGETHER COLLECTIVE sound good! They craft original songs and they are catchy pop/soul tunes with a little country twang in there. Led by guitarist, singer, songwriter JEREMY QUINN MACRAE, watch out for their new album! Included in this episode is an as yet unreleased track DRONES.

DUB CHAMPIONS legendary Seattle reggae band

THE DUB CHAMPIONS used to have a hold on WEDNESDAY nights at the RAINBOW ROOM next to the BLUE MOON TAVERN when the SEA MONSTER first opened. They put out a demo with this awesome music on it that still kicks today. check out their song SMOKE from 11-03-03!

BLU SIRKUT (now KLOZD SIRKUT) seattle electro funk band

These guys are all extremely talented and can rock any room anywhere individually or collectively. BLU SIRKUT ( PAPA JOSH, DAVEE C, JOEY WALBAUM, and CD LITTLEFIELD) came out with a great set of songs on their EP that DJ's would love. I think they had to change the name to KLOZD SIRKUT because of legalities, but the funk is still their. YEAR OF THE DOG is the song I've included off of their EP release.

and here's a link to one of their videos!


I've also included in this episode one of my unreleased tracks KEEP IT TIGHT. look for it to come out some time in 2020 after we move and have our 2nd child and things settle down :)


HAIKU-CHI funky SEA MONSTER band from many years ago covering PRINCE

and as if that wasn't enough of me, here's a PRINCE cover that I did a while back with my band HAIKU-CHI. I WONDER off the album HELLO KITTY :)


elite Seattle soul band ELDRIDGE GRAVY & THE COURT SUPREME

ELDRIDGE GRAVY & THE COURT SUPREME brings the funky party to all of their shows. They are led by the gigantic vocals of lead singer JOE SIMPSON. check out their music here

I included their song SMELLS LIKE DANGER off of the album US IS WHAT TIME IT IS


GRAVITY is awesome. the music is many years old and still that album can go on and you are not tired of it. The masterful keys of TIM KENNEDY with the drums of CLAUDIO ROCHAT FELIX, and the bass of IAN SHERIDAN make for a great blend of funky brotherhood. I've included their song HIGH SPEED AUTO CHASE off of their album GRIMY. I heard they are recording a new album this year!!

EVO is a great drummer from BULGARIA, and these people knew him

EVO was my friend who played it on the drums with the NEPOTISTAS on WEDNESDAYS when the SEA MONSTER LOUGE first opened. He put out a solo record of electronic drum beats that he produced, i dug it. Here's a cut called HELL from that album LIKE A DROP. Cheers to you wherever you are EVO!

THE THEORETICS band blending hip-hop and electronic funk

THE THEORETICS are hard to pin down. They have their roots in dark groove electronic music, but when they add vocals the MC's Mark Hoy and Chimaroke Abuachi the music takes off in wonderful different directions. check out their track GO off the album PLENTY OF ANYTHING.


The guitar music of The Rez Trio is woven from the threads of contemporary flamenco, Hungarian czardas, and French Gypsy swing. Istvan Rez, Nat Hulskamp and Guil Guimaraes bring disparate histories into their collaboration. Their compositions combine flamenco rhythms and techniques with the melodic influence of Jazz Gitan (created by the legendary Django Reinhardt) and the underlying ambiance of Hungarian czardas.

Check out their song SWING 86 off their album C'SORO SWING.

I hope you enjoyed this episode of SEA MONSTER RADIO.


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