HELLO FRIENDS! I put together this episode of SEA MONSTER RADIO#1 which will be airing on KBFG 107.3FM at, SEATTLE WAVE RADIO at, SPACE 101.1FM at, and RAINIER AVENUE RADIO at It features THE YOUNGS (Tim and Eryn Young) a husband and wife duo writing and producing great songs. Tim is from Seattle and now lives in Los Angeles where he plays guitar in the LATE LATE SHOW band alongside fellow Seattleite REGGIE WATTS. REGGIE is also featured in this episode of SEA MONSTER RADIO with a long ago project called SWAMP DWELLER that also features Marc Fendel Joe Doria Ari Joshua JOHN WICKS, DAVE CARTER, and more. REGGIE used to be in a band with Thaddeus Turner called MAKTUB. THADDEUS is also featured in this episode with his band THADDILLAC. THADDILLAC was also in a band with WHUDDA who has a song featured in this episode. THADDEUS plays almost every Saturday at SEA MONSTER with 700 FUNK and F2D drummer Derneill L. Washington. WOOGIE'S song FUNKY DRUMMER is featured in this episode, as is my song LET ME BE THE ONE. both of these songs feature appearances by F2D members Mark Mattrey Melissa Melissa Jason Cressey Jimmy James and more. MARK, JIMMY JAMES and WOOGIE also recorded with Tiffany Wilson who has a song featured in this episode also. This episode also features great original reggae music from the WET CITY ROCKERS Micah Averiett and Stingshark Sting. Some great live jazz from TRIO SUBTONIC Galen Clark, and THE TEACHING's Evan Flory-Barnes Josh Rawlings, Los Angeles Duo THE WEST, AND Seattle duo THEE SATISFACTION.

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