HELLO FRIENDS! SEA MONSTER RADIO EPISODE #2 is here. It's full of great music, some brand new and some many years old, but all of it has come through the SEA MONSTER LOUNGE in some way.. you can check out the SEA MONSTER RADIO SHOW on these fine stations


This episode starts off with Seattle instrumental funk pioneers THE POLYRHYTHMICS with their song BRIGHTEN. POLYRHYTHMICS members BEN BLOOM, NATHAN SPICER, GRANT SCHROFF, JASON GRAY, and ART BROWN perform a FREE show at the SEA MONSTER every third Wednesday of the month at 10PM as THE UNSINKABLE HEAVIES.

Portland, Oregon rock/funk guitar man SCOTT PEMBERTON was able to establish himself in Seattle by having a monthly at the SEA MONSTER LOUNGE somewhere around 2013... man does time fly! this is his song EAST BAR LINE from the album SUGAR MAMA.

RYAN SHEA SMITH is a great songwriter who has spent some years in the NW performing and writing with/for THE VOICE contestant MYCLE WASTMAN. I'm not sure if he still resides here, but check out his album STAY AWHILE which features As Long As I'm with You.

REPTET was a hot name in the Seattle jazz scene for a minute in the late 2000's. The band has featured many of Seattle's jazz stars, including Samantha Boschnack, John Ewing, Isaac Mills, Evan Flory Barnes, Nelson Bell, and more.. check out their songs at

One of Seattle's finest original funk/dance/electronic performers RICHIE ALDENTE aka TIM KENNEDY has a song F.T.L. on this show. The man is very talented and able to incorporate many genres effortlessly. He has several albums that you can check out at

THE PHAT PHUNK PHAMILY is one of the NW gems of undiscovered talent. The whole family is performing live on all the instruments, and they are GREAT! I have had them at the SEA MONSTER LOUNGE many times and I wish they had more music for you to listen to! This is one part of the family, VON O.P. who released an EP with this song YOU KNOW YOU WANT IT LIKE I DO around 2012..

One of Seattle's brightest stars on the upright bass, EVAN FLORY BARNES has been part of several great bands in his short time on the jazz scene. He continues to push the boundaries of music with original compositions. He will be performing new original music at the SEA MONSTER LOUNGE on Wednesday March 13th. This is one of his bands, THREAT OF BEAUTY with a song called IN ANTICIPATION, which is a great showcase of his talents.

It's been a minute since THREAT OF BEAUTY has been on the scene and I'm not about to give out a myspace address (sorry), so check out Evan with his new band here

LITTLE BIRD. This song made me cry. Many do, but this one is a good one. It's by NOAH BYRD, a local songwriting/singing star who is one to watch. He has lots of good songs you can pick from and that you will enjoy listening to him perform live with his band THE FLOCK.

check out NOAH here

SAMIA'S SAMBA is a song off of the album THE BOOK OF CHANGES by bassist, composer, and educator STEVE KIM. One of the jazz giants that you may not have heard of, check him out and more music at

THE UNMANIFESTED... by the COSMOPOLITES. Can I tell you that I love the COSMOPOLITES! they are amazing to behold. only two musicians on the stage performing, and no extra tracks being triggered. JOHN KARWOSKI on drums and TRAVIS FISHER playing bass with his left hand, chords and melodies with his right hand and singing like an angel. the songs are GREAT! Last I heard Travis was in Asia, maybe someone snatched him up and he has make a wonderful musical empire for himself there.. this song was recorded live at the SEA MONSTER LOUNGE. check out more music by THE COSMOPOLITES here

LOOKING AT YOU by JOHNNY and the MOLES.. this band has been around for a minute and I feel like I'm only now discovering how good they are. JOHN EWING has a great gravelly funk voice and drives the bus on the drums. The record JOHNNY and the MOLES has many colors and all of them shine nicely. I would describe them as a bluesy/rock New Orleans funk band, but their song LOOKING AT YOU sounds like the Beatles got back together.. check them out at

I AM.. by THE LIQUE. okay.. THE LIQUE are from LAS VEGAS and I think their lead singer RASAR AMANI has spent some time in Sacramento too. but they have performed at the SEA MONSTER LOUNGE a couple times and rocked the house each time, PLUS their bad ass keyboard player/singer has spent time in Seattle. It seems like they are on their way to big things as the last I heard THE LIQUE had a residency as the house band at a fancy club in VEGAS that hosts performers such as WYCLEF JEAN! (that is the pic I saw on Facebook)

check out THE LIQUE here


these guys just wrapped up 2 gigs at the SEA MONSTER LOUNGE performing most of their new album TRANSCENDENCE as well as cuts from their other albums. BARRETT has travelled the world performing many different genres of music from ROCK to JAZZ and his this ensemble allows him to mix all of those elements.

check out the BARRETT MARTIN GROUP at

THE VAULT by the PSYCHOKINETICS.. these guys have some HOT FIRE! It's unbelievable to me that they didn't explode all over the music world. I can play most of the tracks off of their album sensory descent and people freak out. I freak out. this is from 2002 people!

check out the PSYCHOKINETICS here

thanks for listening and reading.. see you next month :)

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